Dynamics 365

Streamline operations and fulfillment with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Streamline your entire business with modern commerce tools built to supercharge operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a composable EndToEnd commerce solution with powerful intelligence and automation capabilities to help you streamline business operations, enhance inventory management and optimize order fulfillment plus userfriendly tools for harnessing AI machine learning and IoT empower everyone in the organization to unlock the full potential of unified DataFirst commerce.

Optimize inventory with end-to-end visibility

Optimize Inventory with an intelligent and connected data platform. Dynamics 365 unifies siloed data sources into a single platform, enabling end to end supply chain visibility to help you improve inventory management. One can even connect to factories that help with production planning and stock decisions. Ai driven demand forecasting helps better manage inventory turn and cash flow, Boost productivity and reduce running costs with applicable data insights, enabling better stock allocation decisions and gain near realtime visibility of current inventory levels across all stores and distribution centers. To avoid overstocking and stock outs, and ensure the right quantity is available to your customers at the right place and right time.

Accelerate order fulfillment

Fulfill orders faster to round out an exceptional EndToEnd buying experience. Dynamics 365 equips you with intelligent distribution and order management tools that seamlessly connect with third party logistics and warehousing systems to help ensure rapid fulfillment at reduced costs while meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Enhance merchandising and assortment

Maximize profitability with insights that help you make smarter merchandising and assortment decisions Dynamics 365 brings together sales and inventory reporting to enhance your merchandise and assortment planning. Connect your entire business end to end experience. Truly Unified commerce with Dynamics 365.