Dynamics 365

Volvo Penta Streamlines Frontline Operations with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides

For companies like Volvo Penta, employees are their greatest asset. And an employee’s greatest asset? Their knowledge. That’s why Volvo Penta is exploring the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides with Copilot – a mixed reality solution that delivers relevant information right to the frontline.

By combining augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), Copilot aims to enhance knowledge delivery and on-the-job assistance. In the private preview, Volvo Penta is testing scenarios where technicians can query Copilot for key engine details hands-free:
“Copilot, when was the oil last changed?”
“Copilot, what is the function of the wastegate valve?”

Copilot can even overlay 3D visuals to illustrate complex systems like air and exhaust flow through turbochargers. For marine commercial customers where uptime and reliability are critical, this seamless access to information could be game-changing.

The applications extend to procedural tasks as well. Copilot can visually guide technicians step-by-step, providing exploded views of components when needed. This “knowledge at the fingertips” has the potential to smooth processes, illuminate knowledge gaps, and empower offshore crews to confidently perform maintenance far from shore.

At Volvo Penta, the vision is to continuously learn and upskill their workforce using cutting-edge technologies like Copilot. Volvo Penta, states: “We are always looking for the latest technologies to bring new skills to our employees, dealers and customers.”

The Copilot integration opens doors for new digital services tailored to Volvo Penta’s needs. By innovating and learning at the pace of change, they’re equipping their greatest asset – their employees – to work smarter, safer and more efficiently on the frontlines.