Power Platform

Announcing Connector Checker in Solutions to validate your Connector

In today’s era of rapid technological advancements, the Power Platform stands as a pillar for low-code and no-code solutions, offering over a thousand connectors to interact seamlessly with diverse apps and services. However, ensuring the reliability, performance, and quality of this expansive connector ecosystem has been a challenge—until now.

Introducing the Connector Checker in Solutions—a game-changer empowering developers and ISVs within the Power Platform community. This innovative tool redefines connector development by benchmarking connectors against best practice standards, assuring their adherence to the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assessment of Connector Quality: The Connector Checker in Solutions provides a comprehensive assessment framework, enabling developers to scrutinize connector performance and quality against Power Platform’s best practices.
  • Static Analysis with Solutions on Power Automate: Developers can now leverage Solutions on Power Automate to conduct in-depth static analysis, validating connections, triggers, and actions of their connectors. Loading connectors into a solution offers detailed reports on identified issues along with actionable guidance for resolution.
  • Accelerated Development Timelines: By minimizing the feedback loop between Microsoft and publishers during certification, the Solution Checker significantly accelerates the go-to-market timelines for connectors. This reduction in verification iterations streamlines the development process, ensuring quicker deployment.
  • The Connector Checker in Solutions marks a pivotal moment, providing a robust mechanism for assessing connector reliability and quality. It empowers developers and ISVs to create connectors that meet the highest industry standards, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience within the Power Platform ecosystem.

    With this groundbreaking tool, the Power Platform reinforces its commitment to innovation and quality assurance, fostering a community of developers equipped to create high-performing connectors that drive digital transformation.