Dynamics 365, Power Platform

World Leader in Workforce solutions gains holistic view into sales data with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

A world leader in workforce solutions used Dynamics 365 and the power platform to gain a holistic view of their sales data. The company has been in business for over 70 years in over 80 countries, bringing a complete talent solution to their clients. To achieve their objective, they developed the account planning app integrated with Dynamics 365 sales. They started engaging with the Microsoft team around Power Apps which helped them to bring speed and consistency across the account planning process and look at it from one lens.

The account planning app is a one-stop shop for managing sales on a day to day basis which was developed rapidly and seamlessly integrated with Dynamics. This helped them consolidate an incredible amount of activity, find trends with the client, how they buy, and many more statistics. With the account planning app, they were able to get introduced to people who they can prospect and eventually get that position/business for the company.

For Salespeople, the greatest advantage is efficiency. Data is accessible from mobile devices which enables staff to be agile and make decisions in real-time. This improves the customer experience and brings a competitive edge.

Dynamics 365 as a partner has been a differentiator to drive efficiency, improve customer experience and help to solve the business problem.