Dynamics 365

Retailers are partnering with Microsoft to connect their customers, people and data

The Azure platform provides the speed and horsepower that is needed to pivot data into actionable ways so that retail businesses can change the assortment in responding to consumers changing buying behaviors and enabling faster actions.

American retailer Patagonia, have been able to turn their stores into many warehouses using distributed order management, buy online and ship from store and then curbside pick up all enabled by Dynamics 365. Moving to the single platforms with Microsoft having all that information in a centralized place provides the ability to quickly pivot from the second a customer walks into any retail store.

Mattress Firm Inc, The American mattress store chain is leveraging Azure to make a more seamless journey. They have personalized notes of what an individual’s sleep experience was, their sleep shopping experience, and what users may need in the future. The ability to deliver that kind of experience to the consumer is just game-changing.

US retailer, Recreational Equipment Inc. has focussed a great deal on virtual outfitting. They made themselves available via Teams and had one on one Outfitting sessions with customers using Microsoft Teams. More than 86% of their customers were extremely satisfied with Virtual Outfitting.

At Optician Retail Chain, Boots Opticians, Ophthalmic specialists can access each set of tasks for each store and know what’s going on in the stores without having to physically be in them. Having communication from Head Office through Microsoft Teams and tasks adds a great value. Clinical Specialists can delegate tasks based on the nature of the task, so if it’s of a clinical nature, Boots’ optometrists can have that faced and they are able to see that those tasks are getting done in real-time.

Source: Microsoft Cloud