Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2023 Release Wave 2 Highlights

In the midst of a Generative AI revolution, Microsoft has integrated capabilities into virtually every product, including the Digital Contact Center Platform. This platform now features a Generative AI-powered assistant called Copilot, designed to assist agents. The latest release, Wave 2, introduces several new features and enhancements to promote greater collaboration, infused AI, and deeper customer service insights.

One of the new features is Copilot-generated summaries and analytics, providing agents like Lillian with helpful information about customer inquiries. For instance, Claudia, a customer of the renowned architecture firm Midvale Architects, contacts HLP Manufacturing’s Dynamics-powered contact center through chat for assistance with a firmware error on her industrial 3D printer.

The platform’s intelligent routing system directs Claudia’s inquiry to Lillian, who receives the case after her lunch break. With Copilot’s summary, Lillian quickly grasps the situation and potential solutions generated based on the conversation context or direct questions she asks. When needed, Lillian can consult experts through enhanced consultant transfer, using skill-based agent searches to connect customers to the right specialist.

In Claudia’s case, Lillian connects her to Leigh, an expert available via chat, with Copilot providing Leigh with a quick summary. Leigh decides to conduct a Teams call to observe Claudia’s screen and diagnose the problem comprehensively. He identifies a known bug and shares an early release version of the firmware with Claudia through a guided email draft from Copilot.

After successful installation, Claudia reboots her devices and tests the printer, resolving the issue. Leigh marks the case as resolved in the Dynamics for Customer Service inbox, ready for the next challenge.

Peyton, the contact center manager, supervises operations company-wide and leverages Copilot case analytics to understand its impact on call center operations, including usage, adoption, and issue resolution effectiveness. The team’s efforts have been amplified by Copilot, making agents’ lives simpler and promising even more improvements as the platform evolves.

To learn more about the Digital Contact Center Platform 2023 Release Wave 2, Microsoft encourages reviewing the release notes and trying out the early access features as they become available.