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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Sales, and Commerce 2023 Release Wave 2 Highlights

We are delighted to announce our latest investments in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Sales, and Commerce. Let’s delve into the details of how Adatum, an electronics business and a long-time user of Microsoft Dynamics 365, prepared for their latest product release, the 23 Adatum Touchscreen Monitor.

In the lead-up to the event, the Marketing team utilized the powerful capabilities of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. They began by analyzing their customer data quality using Copilot and gained valuable predictions and insights about their target audience and their preferences. Dialogue with data, a Copilot feature, allowed them to ask specific questions about contact method preferences, average purchase history, location, and interests of their target market in natural language, receiving detailed answers along with additional insights and prompts to attract their audience to the event.

Armed with a clear understanding of their target audience, the team quickly created a segment by describing the audience using natural language, thanks to Query Assist. They effortlessly checked if the logic matched the intended outcome.

Next, they used Copilot to create the journey for the event. Specifying the segmenting goal, Copilot suggested the perfect customer journey, which included event invitations, registration forms, push notification reminders, and a “thank you” email. The team was delighted with the results.

Creating content became a breeze with Content Ideas, another Copilot function. Within minutes, they found inspiration and crafted highly engaging content. By selecting “event invitation” from the suggested topics, Copilot provided a compelling headline, pre-filled key points for their email creation, and a clear call-to-action. They chose a tone of voice that aligned with their brand and audience, selecting from options such as “engaged” or “casual.” Image recommendations automatically suggested visuals to make their content more appealing. Style Assist, another new Copilot feature, seamlessly aligned all content with Adatum’s branding, extracting design elements like fonts and colors from their existing websites.

The journey was initiated, and the invitation was sent at the most convenient time for the audience, respecting the quiet time set by the team. The invitation directed the reader to the registration page, which was also created with the help of Copilot. On the day of the event, record numbers of attendees signed in to watch, thanks to the rich understanding of their target market and the perfectly matched marketing journey.

After the event, AI-driven attribution analytics provided insights into how different activities contributed to defined milestones and the overall success of the event. Intelligent lead scoring and automated lead routing tools were used to identify leads, score them, and assign them to sellers when they were most likely to convert.

In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales app, sellers were presented with AI-enriched lead summaries, providing clarity about the customer’s existing relationship, budget, and closure timelines. With the marketing journey automatically kicking off a sequence for each lead, multiple sequences could be completed simultaneously by separate team members, facilitating efficient deal closures.

Copilot continued to enhance every interaction, making the life of the seller easier and enhancing the customer experience. AI-generated preparation notes collated the latest and most important information about the prospect, summarizing it as key points, ensuring the seller was prepared for productive calls. During Teams meetings, Sales Copilot provided in-context guidance, offering real-time tips and suggested answers when prospects referenced competitors.

As the deal progressed, Copilot proposed actions in response to customer emails, enhanced the length and tone of the emails, generated tailored deal proposals, provided document summarization, and kept records up-to-date. This minimized time spent on administrative tasks and maximized the seller’s impact on their deals.

Copilot met the seller where they were, whether in Dynamics 365 Sales or familiar tools like Outlook or Teams, using Sales Copilot. Thanks to Copilot, deals were closed efficiently and effectively.

Adatum also had a growing third-party distributor network, and Dynamics 365 Commerce made onboarding 10 new distributors a breeze. The improved self-service Dynamics 365 B2B portal allowed distributors to view negotiated pricing, promotions, and place orders directly. Real-time inventory visibility helped distributors and customers make more informed choices, and high-impact changes to the e-commerce site, including compelling and SEO-friendly product details, were made with the help of Copilot’s suggested product enrichment marketing keywords, phrases, and sentences.

Furthermore, the Adatum e-commerce team simplified product media management using integrated workflows in Dynamics 365 Commerce. They easily uploaded, edited, and managed product images and videos with the media library, while AI automatically generated thumbnails and provided responsibly-sized images for desktop and mobile, saving time and enhancing the customer experience.

These investments in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Sales, and Commerce have brought significant benefits to Adatum, empowering them to deliver successful events, close deals efficiently, and expand their distribution network with ease. To learn more, please explore the entire release notes and try out the early access features for this release as they become available.