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Bank reconciliation improvements in Dynamics 365 Business Central

This video covers bank reconciliation improvements, which are just some of the highlights that are available in this release. Bank reconciliation helps ensure that transactions in our internal accounts align with statements from our bank.

Business Central’s new release makes it easier to ensure that the numbers match by making it easier to investigate how the automatic application rules were applied. The match details section lets you explore the details behind the matching. It is also possible to turn off matching for each bank account. Turning off automatic matching is useful when you want to import a file or use the Suggest Lines feature, but don’t want to apply everything right away. You can just turn off the disable automatic payment matching toggle on the Bank Account Card page.

Another improvement made is to enable corrections to posted bank account reconciliation. On the Bank Account Statement page, you can use the Undo action to open a new reconciliation page that contains the content that was posted. Here you can correct the mistakes and repost the reconciliation if needed. You can even reuse the statement number in corrected reconciliation. Additionally, after posting the reconciliation, you can use the new Bank Account Statement report to view details about what was applied and the posted amounts for the reconciled entries.

Last but certainly not least, the new release simplifies the process of importing bank statement files on the Bank Account Card page. The Import Bank Statement File action starts a guide that will help you choose the Bank Statement CSV file to import and specify the rows and columns to include or skip. The bank statement must be a CSV file.

Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365