Dynamics 365

App update cadence and scheduling

In the dynamic landscape of business technology, staying updated is crucial. Microsoft Business Central now offers enhanced control over app updates, ensuring your systems are equipped with the latest features and fixes while optimizing scheduling for seamless operations.

Taking Charge of App Update Frequency
With the latest app update cadence setting and scheduling improvements, businesses using Microsoft Business Central gain unparalleled control. The Tenant Admin Center empowers users to dictate how often apps are updated, aligning with individual preferences and operational needs.

Flexible Update Options
The Environment details page serves as the command center, allowing modifications to the app update cadence. Users can select from multiple options like Default, With minor and major update, and With major update, tailoring the update frequency precisely.

Precision in Scheduling Updates
Efficiency meets precision with the ability to schedule app updates within the next environment update window. This flexibility enables businesses to strategically time installations, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal utilization of resources.

Seamless Execution and Adjustment
Scheduled updates run seamlessly within 24 hours in the designated environment update window. The system provides an option to cancel or adjust updates if necessary, maintaining operational flexibility without compromising efficiency.

Environment-Level Customization
App update cadence settings operate at an environment level, offering the flexibility to set different values for production and sandbox environments. This granular control ensures tailored approaches to various operational setups.

Microsoft Business Central’s newfound capabilities provide businesses with the tools to streamline operations, maximizing efficiency while staying ahead with timely updates. The ability to control update cadence and scheduling elevates not just the software but the overall operational prowess.

For a comprehensive understanding of these updates and Business Central’s capabilities, explore the provided resources. Empower your business with control and efficiency through Microsoft Business Central’s enhanced app update management.