Dynamics 365

Accelerate Business Outcomes with Microsoft Teams

Frontline workers at any organization can enjoy a unified meetings experience, allowing them to stay in the flow of work, whether they are in Dynamics 365 or Microsoft teams.

Sellers can coordinate a meeting with their customers and move the opportunity within Dynamics 365 opportunity record. In Dynamics 365, a user can create a Microsoft teams meeting, linking the meeting to the opportunity created in Dynamics CRM.

When it’s time to meet, A user can open the appointment record and join the meeting by clicking the join link in the record. During the meeting, they can start recording to get conversation insights. The context of the opportunity, including notes, tasks, and other relevant information is available to all the members of the meeting. A user can open related records like the primary contact for additional details. Having all the information included means anyone can confidently conduct meetings that better meet the customer’s needs.

A user can make updates to the opportunity record, quickly capturing essential information right within Microsoft teams. The notes and tasks captured during the meeting are automatically saved back to the timeline of the record. A live transcript that utilizes conversation intelligence is available in real-time. Business-critical insights mentioned during the meeting are highlighted, so meeting participants can locate points of interest quickly. Follow-ups and commitments made during the call are automatically captured and added to the notes on demand. After the meeting has ended, anyone can continue to work on the opportunity right from Microsoft’s teams while the conversation is still fresh to mind, moving the deal forward to the next stage.

Utilizing the integrated experience between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, frontline workers can connect, communicate and collaborate on meeting in a seamless, natural, and secure way.

Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365