Dynamics 365

Leading Jewellery retailer optimizes inventory allocation and boosts sales using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

A leading jewellery retailer chose to partner with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the cornerstone of their digital transformation. As business needs rapidly shifted in 2020, having an agile and intuitive system was integral in successfully adapting to evolving customer demands.  

In scaling their platform, their internal DevOps team have grown working alongside the Microsoft engineering team based out of Seattle. The platform has scaled well and has recently seen record order volumes and the warehouse has been pushed through unparalleled transactional volumes. Their next major investment, loyalty management has reached 400,000 members within 12 months of operation. Loyalty option that existed in Dynamics 365 was turned on and configured to their needs enabling them to offer their loyal members the benefits they deserve. They were able to deliver great insights through PowerBI and Microsoft cloud based data warehouse.  

Their home built inventory system was replaced by Microsoft Dynamics right in the middle of Covid shutdown. Microsoft Dynamics was able to successfully replace their 20 year old program and six months down the line it is behaving well and strong. Within these 6 months, they were able to enable two key pieces, cross docking and QA both of which had a significant impact on customer experience benefits. On the security front, they have leveraged Microsoft enterprise security stack helping them to open up pre-dynamics barriers of doing business to business with their suppliers. 

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce, they are implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the platform with confidence and access controls are driven by Microsoft’s AI. All the Customer Experience initiatives like payment methods, ship from store, store reserve, In store and remote customer payments were delivered in a short time frame. They have Agile teams largely embedded with the Microsoft Teams technology allowing them to work closely with partners and staff based in other global locations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce has been a powerful tool to successfully enabling them to deliver customer experience, loyalty management, inventory management at speed and quality. 

Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365