Dynamics 365

Enable Workforce Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

New business models are transforming our industries and fundamentally changing the way we work. Get the ability to thrive amid rapid change by maximizing the potential of your organization’s greatest resource its people.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers world class HR solutions built to empower every employee to help create a leading organization that is agile, resilient, and efficient. Intelligent, user friendly tools enable cost saving, automation, and self service while helping you create modern HR programs that can attract and retain higher performance and with all organizational data and business processes connected end to end in the Microsoft cloud.

Unlock powerful workforce insights that help you adapt to changing business models faster. Transform complex organizational data into actionable Workforce Insight. Dynamics 365 unifies your HR and business operations in one platform, helping you surface valuable business insights, gain greater visibility across your organization, and accelerate the adoption of new organizational structures as your business grows and changes.

Get a simplified view of your workforce and HR programs with accurate personnel data reflecting current organization structures, Personnel records, job descriptions. Easily view hierarchy charts, and quickly review personnel changes, and open positions. Drill down and learn more about key workforce analytics like skills gaps to gain a deeper understanding of organizational challenges and opportunities and make smarter decisions faster.

Drive efficiency and reduce costs with self-service tools and AIdriven automation. Dynamics 365 provides self service workspaces for employees to manage their own HR tasks like profile updates, training, performance tracking, benefits enrollment, and time off requests. Microsoft Teams helps to further streamline requests between employees and managers, while workflow automation capabilities help HR pros Eliminate time-consuming and manual HR processes so they can focus on more important work.

Empower HR admins with flexible, user-friendly tools that reduce administrative complexity and deliver competitive HR programs. With your entire organization Connected to Dynamics 365, simplify HR administration and optimize the HR programs that help you attract the best talent. An agile compensation program can be easily adjusted either individually or globally for a company-wide rollout. Configure benefits programs complete with benefit groups, hierarchies, flexible credits, and auto-enrollment. Create a leave and absence program that helps keep you compliant and up to date with changing global regulations. Connect to best-of-breed payroll, recruiting, and talent management systems, extending the solution to meet even more of your HR needs and goals. Create a workspace where your people and business thrive. Enable workforce transformation today with Dynamics 365.