Dynamics 365

Drive Project Business Success with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Have you heard about the amazing solution that can help you drive success amid hypercompetitive and ever-changing market forces? It’s an agile project-based services solution that can help you adapt faster, work smarter, and perform better. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the solution that unifies your data and business operations into a single platform to optimize your project-centric services and operations while maximizing profitability.

What’s great about Dynamics 365 is that it empowers every employee to accelerate the project life-cycle using intelligent project management capabilities, powerful automation, and collaboration tools, plus actionable business insights that you can only get from the Microsoft cloud. It’s designed to provide agility to adapt business models quickly using data-first tools that maximize financial and operational visibility.

With Dynamics 365, you can easily analyze real-time data across your project sales, resourcing, delivery, and more, and react faster when business needs change or new market demands emerge. You can drill into key project metrics like invoicing, spending, revenue profiles, and utilization to better understand growth opportunities and drive profitability.

The solution also drives efficiency throughout every project with modern collaboration tools and intelligent automation. Dynamics 365 delivers world-class project management with built-in intelligence to help you easily enhance collaboration and boost productivity. It empowers teams to accelerate project success with role-specific workspaces that deliver powerful AI-infused experiences like real-time business insights built seamlessly into the flow of work.

You can connect teams across Sales, Resourcing, Delivery, and Finance, within the same application, to streamline handoffs and deliver a better customer experience. Additionally, you can tap into the power of Robotic Process Automation to speed up time-consuming and manual tasks, and unlock greater visibility into all aspects of a project to keep your teams focused and delivering on promised customer outcomes.

By using intelligent tools that simplify the way teams work together across the project lifecycle, you can supercharge your services business. Dynamics 365 connects your operations enabling exceptional deal management experiences that take you from prospect to payment in less time. The easy-to-use project management tools are embedded right into the flow of work to help you deliver on time and on budget. Intelligent scheduling and skills tracking help you optimize resource utilization and take better care of your people. Dashboard analytics offer valuable insight into project tasks and progress.

What’s more, Dynamics 365 simplifies time tracking and expense management, plus you can easily connect with your ERP system to further streamline revenue recognition and project financials even on a global scale. This helps you better plan for a future of limitless potential. So why not embark on a game-changing new approach to your project operations and services? Create a more adaptive, intelligent, and profitable organization today with Dynamics 365.